After My Own Heart

£3.00 £7.99

The course of true love never did run straight . . .

Evie Day has never wanted a boyfriend – she’s gay, out and proud, and as far as she’s concerned, her life is perfect that way. But when her girlfriend leaves her for a leggy blonde, everything changes – her flat, her friends, her future – and she finds herself having feelings for an old friend, who just happens to be a man. To say that things aren’t turning out the way she planned is an understatement.

With her best friend Jamie’s Big Fat Gay Wedding looming on the horizon, Evie struggles to choose between her ex, her old friend, a new best friend in the form of a beautiful, chaotic burlesque artist, and a grumpy but distracting new flatmate.

All she wants to do is find The One, but for Evie, thinking straight never did come naturally.

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