Glass Scissors

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Glass Scissors is the debut poetry collection from Bobby Nayyar, author of West of No East and The No Salaryman. Written in three movements – Love & Thunder, The Theatre of Unrest and Into the Blue Forest – Nayyar exposes a British life plagued by inequality, racism and vanity, yet fortified by love and kindness.

A central theme of the collection is the volatility of memory as seen through the prism of decaying mental health, which culminates in the shocking, eponymous poem of the collection.

Confessional, raw but never crude, Glass Scissors confirms Bobby Nayyar as a young British writer to watch.

‘Bobby Nayyar as a poet is strikingly frank about himself, his pain and his desires. This acutely personal and bold collection will resonate with almost every person who has tried to pin down and trace the meaning of their life in sixty odd pages. The truth rings out from each page. Acknowledging your own life-graph is not something everyone can do; even some extremely accomplished and lionized writers struggle to narrate their own life with honesty. Others, who seek to secure their privacy, won’t. In Glass Scissors Nayyar is in his element as a memoirist.’

Kavita A. Jindal

‘Bobby Nayyar’s debut collection, Glass Scissors, is a haunting, deeply personal collection. It explores universal themes of love and loss, in which the turbulent and fragile sit side by side. More than just a compilation of poems, it’s a revelation of one man’s hopes and dreams, and of the precarious nature of the world we live in.’

Farhana Shaikh, The Asian Writer

‘The poetry appears to be simple and easy to read. Don’t be fooled […] on second reading and more, they showed their true colours: they carry a power and intensity that previously might have lain hidden under layers of apparent simplicity before.’

Raj K Lal

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